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Welcoming others, sharing information, and stepping up to ask for change. Edwina's work has helped to create a significant impact on her very own street.

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You may have heard the common adage that the Omaha metro is a great place to live, raise a family, and own a home. But for some of our friends and neighbors, housing is a much more complex issue.

Our homes, and the neighborhood communities we reside within, can give us safety, comfort, and rest. They are the places where we can connect with friends, neighbors, and loved ones. They can create and nurture a sense of belonging.

Historically, owning a home was the physical realization of the American dream. And, while home ownership is not necessarily for everyone, where you live can instill a sense of pride—and it can critically impact your quality of life, including your health, security, and education. Stable, sufficient housing that meets the needs of the household also encourages connections with neighbors, and can lower crime within a neighborhood. On the other hand, a lack of safe, reliable, and efficient housing can have the opposite effect on a neighborhood or community; causing neighborhoods to deteriorate as residents leave for other areas and businesses decline or exit.

How much a person spends on housing costs, directly impacts how much they are able to spend on other necessities, such as childcare, food, and utilities. We think of our region as an affordable place to live and raise a family—but digging deeper into the data shows that’s not necessarily true for all residents of the Metro area. There are great disparities in terms of who in our community can afford to own a home—largely broken down by race and socioeconomic status.

As we think about the future growth and development of our region, it will be critical to consider the availability of quality, affordable housing. 

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