Evelia's Story

Evelia is a civic leader and youth academic navigator who is passionate about engaging students and communities to amplify voices and create leaders. She recognizes the countless challenges students face and wants to expose them to role models, opportunities and lead by example for her own children and every student she meets.

Born in a small village in Michoacán, Mexico, Evelia lost her father at a young age and her mother brought she and her siblings to Parlier, California. She is inspired daily by her mother’s great sacrifices and the opportunities created by her mother’s courage and love.

Evelia was a mother of three at 21 and was energized to pursue her dreams. While working in Kansas she completed her GED in two months and then moved to Omaha to attend college and raise her children. While working on her degree she had a health scare that changed her life. Evelia knew she wanted to serve the beautiful, diverse, culturally rich communities in Omaha. She began working with students through Thrive Leadership Club and the Migrant Education Program and loved the students and work. Evelia is pursuing another degree to become a high school counselor in Omaha to listen to, advocate for, and help guide students on their path.

She is excited and hopeful about the next generation and the active role they took during the recent election cycle. Their passion, energy, activism and care for their communities is setting the tone. Evelia feels the positive energy and momentum in Omaha that people want to create change and make a difference. Through her own experience she feels it is a privilege to walk into a polling place and use your voice. She votes her mother and everyone who doesn’t have that opportunity. Through her life and work, she recognizes we need to celebrate our differences and listen to and invest in our youth to enhance the vibrant city we live in.

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