Edwina’s Story

Welcoming others, sharing information, and stepping up to ask for change. Edwina's work has helped to create a significant impact on her very own street.

Edwina Sheppard’s beloved neighborhood had slowly deteriorated over the years; vacant lots, burned out houses, condemned properties, and dangerous living conditions surrounded her home on all sides. As a homeowner who has been living in the same house within the Kountze Park/King Science Center neighborhood for 40 years, she was motivated to be a part of the solution.

When a local housing organization began rebuilding a few houses in her neighborhood, Edwina introduced herself and challenged them to expand their work to include some properties on her own street. Soon, she was making introductions throughout the neighborhood, connecting the organization to property owners, and speaking up on behalf of her neighborhood at city council meetings and churches. Edwina’s neighborhood pride and advocacy helped to expand the rehabilitation work across several blocks, re-introducing a spirit of hope and expectancy to the neighborhood.

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