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Let’s make the Omaha metro a great place to call home and raise a family—regardless of who you are and where you live.


The Landscape is a project organized by the Omaha Community Foundation that represents real people of all ages, races, incomes, and zip codes in Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie Counties – and the issues they are facing today. 

Together, we can use this data and insight to invest in the most vital areas of community life, so that the Omaha metro is a great place to call home and raise a family for all people – regardless of who you are or where you live.


Community indicator projects help communities make connections between issues and trends in different areas. The findings are a snapshot of a community's vitality and quality of life. Publicly available, community-level data is used to build this snapshot, but it’s only one side of the story. People are the other side. Data gives us indicators and people give us meaning to understand what is most important and where we need to act. This data is a first step in finding ways to improve the quality of life for all people in our community. The next phase will require pairing this data with community voice; listening to individuals throughout the Metro area to find out how the issues highlighted within The Landscape intersect with their daily lives. 

While we’ve started with six areas of focus, we expect to explore additional areas such as the arts, the environment, the economy, and civic engagement. Each of the focus areas touch different populations across the Omaha metro and we believe more work is needed to fully understand the interrelated nature of these areas. However, this is a start; the findings reflected in The Landscape are an accessible community-wide collection of data that has been gathered together into one place. It's a space where each of us can dig deeper and learn about the community beyond our own unique experience. 

To gain insight to how our community can move forward, we need you, your friends, your neighbors, and your family to help us understand how this data represents people and what is most urgent in your lives. We’re here to listen and learn – to hear from the community about what is most important.


The Landscape is a resource for anyone who is working for positive change in our community. It’s here to help donors to direct their giving to prioritized issues. It’s a place where our leaders can learn about key community needs so they can ensure we have smart policies and legislation in place. It’s a trustworthy source that advocates can use to be vocal about the issues that light them up. It’s meant to support local nonprofits in their good work, and to help them align programming and initiatives with what is needed most.


Check out the slides from our information sessions we held in the fall of 2016: Nonprofit Information Sessions

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